Moharram 1439 Begins Thurs, Sept 21 2017


Moharram 1439

Program begins: Thurs, Sept 21, 2017 (until Night of 10th of Moharram)

General Program

Quran: 6:50 PM

Zyarat Ashura

Maghribain: On time

followed by English Speech

By: Maulana Sheikh Abu Hussain

Followed by simultaneous programs in Urdu (upstairs) and Arabic (downstairs)

Urdu Program:

Begins: 9:15 PM

Guest Speaker: Maulana H.I Ehtesham Abbas Zaidi

Speech followed by Matam and Zyarat

Arabic Program:

Begins: 9:15 PM

By: Maulana Sheikh Maitham

Speech followed by Musibah and Latm

Dua Tawassul (Tues) and Dua Kumayl (Thurs) will be held after the program.

To go tabarruk will be served at the end of the daily program.